Road work will be completed on July 8 due to equipment failure.

Warriors Mark Township’s asphalt treatment contractor, Russell Standard, is scheduled to apply asphalt treatment (sealcoating) on the entire Neff Road and small portions of Dry Hollow (Dry Hollow/Dungarvin/Hickory Intersection, Fire House & Meadowood (400 feet in from Centre Line Road on both) and Reese Road (Far end past Reese residences).

At present, their plans are to start and complete the application on Friday, June 28, beginning in the morning. If the work is unable to occur on June 28, the work will be completed on July 8.

If “Work Area” or similar signs are in place at the ends of Neff Road, traffic should detour around Neff Road until the signs are removed.

Overall traffic interruption will be minimal.