On April 7, 2016 FEMA prepared Physical Map Revisions (PMR) to update hydrology, hydraulics, and floodplain mapping for the Little Juniata River. The update area is approximate 0.39 miles upstream of Spruce Creek to the Huntingdon/Blair County boundary.

Preliminary Flood Hazard Areas can be viewed concurrently with the Effective Flood Hazard Areas to estimate changes to flood rise at any given address within the revised study area. This information will be available at the following website:

Digital copies of the revised Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM), Flood Insurance Study report (FIS) are available from the Map Service Center at:

Meeting materials, project milestone dates, and related project information are posted on:

FEMA maps are available to download as PDFs at To access specific maps, select the state, then the county, followed by the community, and then select “search”. When the search is complete, select “Preliminary Products”, and then select the appropriate link. To obtain FIRM Panels, select that link. On that drop-down menu, the maps can be downloaded as PDFs.