About Our Township

Warriors Mark Township is nestled in a pastoral valley between two ridges in Central Pennsylvania, and is a place of great natural beauty.  Much of the land in the Township is farmed, and our Township is very rural.  From a land planning standpoint, the Township considers itself progressive, in that, unlike many of its municipal neighbors, the Township has enacted a Zoning Ordinance.  The Township also has a Stormwater Management Ordinance, and a Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance.

Although farming is responsible, in large part, for the preservation of the Township’s natural beauty, sometimes farming and other land uses and practices can pose inconvenience and cause irritation for those who are unfamiliar with these uses and practices.  For anyone who is interested in buying land in or moving to Warriors Mark Township, the Township recommends that you read the publications from Penn State University, which can be found at the links, below.  These publications describe some of the issues that can arise when people relocate from urban or suburban areas to rural areas.  These publications can help you determine whether living in the country is right for you.

Warriors Mark Township is the northern-most municipality in Huntingdon County,  It is approximately 25 highway miles from the County Seat, Huntingdon, PA.  The Township borders Blair and Centre Counties on three boundaries.  Warriors Mark Village was founded in 1768 and Warriors Mark Township was derived from Franklin Township and formed in 1798.  According to legend, the name Warriors Mark was derived from Indian warriors of the Iroquois Federation ceremoniously marking trees in the forest midway between the current villages of Warriors Mark and Spring Mount.  Although the Township remains mostly rural with agriculture as the dominant economic factor, the Township is experiencing unprecedented residential growth.