Sewage Enforcement

David C. Piper
Warriors Mark Township
Sewage Enforcement Officer
5001 Halfmoon Valley Road
Warriors Mark, PA  16877
(814) 571-2285​

Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO)

The SEO issues permits for on-lot sewage disposal systems.  These permits are needed by anyone intending to install an on-lot sewage disposal system of 10,000 gallons/day or less.  A Sewage Planning Module is required by anyone subdividing land and creating a new building lot, installing an on-lot sewage disposal system of over 10,000 gallons/day or placing more than one structure on a lot. The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) REQUIRES permits for installation of ALL on-lot SEWAGE DISPOSAL SYSTEMS, MODIFICATIONS and/or REPAIRS. Contact SEO Piper before initiating any new sewage systems or modifications/repairs to existing systems.

On Lot Sewage Management Program

Ordinance 2023-1, adopted January 3, 2023, governs municipal management of on-lot subsurface sewage disposal facilities and applies to any on-lot sewage disposal system that is for the “disposal of domestic sewage involving pretreatment and subsequent disposal of the clarified sewage into a subsurface soil absorption area or retaining tank; this term includes both individual sewage systems and community sewage systems.”  Click here, for the full text of the ordinance or visit the list of Township ordinances​.

Septic System Care and Maintenance“, information courtesy of the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency website.